From the very start, Hidroplasto  had provided the European  construction industry with materials, products, tools and construction equipment of the highest quality. We always care to expand and adapt our offer to suit the changing market, so as to do justice to our present and potential customers’ demands.

We recycle industrial PVC into high-grade materials. We serve manufacturers of a wide range of plastic products.

By careful selection, efficient use of our state of the art inventory, and our extensive test and research phase, we are able to fully adapt both regranulate and regrind materials to your exact wishes. At a very reasonable price.

The company Hidroplasto  supplies highly technologically advanced products, used for the purpose of construction of complicated engineering structures. In order to provide offer complexity, we amend it and always update it with the basic products required at every construction site. This is definitely an advantage for our customers, who would want to make use of a limited number of suppliers. Presently, the company activities encompass four main sectors, that is: manufacture, sale, equipment rental and assembly services for own products and the technologies offered.

Our company offers the following products and services. For all our products we provide installing services all around the world.


Sealing bands are used for sealing technical day joints during concreting as well as expansion joints in concrete and reinforced concrete structures. They are a passive barrier for penetrating water.

Joint Profiles

An expansion joint (dilation joint, from Latin dilatare: to expand, to extend) is a purposefully created slit in a building or structure, the task of which is to allow individual component of the structure to work independently of the rest. Separate components transfer loads, deformations and movements by themselves.

Bridge Bearings and expansion Joints

Our company deliver bridge bearings and installs the expansion joint for bridges. Elastomer bearings are layered products, i. e. they alternate between an elastomer layer and a steel panel as reinforcement for the part.

Elastomer spacers and slip films

Elastomer spacers are primary components made of vulcanised ethylene-propylene-diene natural rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer, EPDM).Slip film is manufactured as a set for the slip component with a housing made of a protective layer, a foam or an elastomer.

Windows and doors

Hidroplasto offers a wide range of windows and doors.We deliver with the best prices made windows and doors all around the world


Hidroplasto offers Regrind , Regranulat  Plastic. Our main material is Pvc. Or delivery is all around the world. If you need grind Pvc or other plastic please do not hesitate to contact us.

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